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- Increasingly Diversified
...still focused on growth through quality and innovation!

Last year, Granite Management celebrated its 20th Anniversary!!

The Company continues to offer outstanding growth solutions for its Consulting it has throughout its history.

And, of course, it remains a leading supplier of high quality Education products and solutions in mainland China, through its International Education Associates (IEA) subsidiary.

In 2011, Granite Management became a supplier of altnerative energy products through the creation of MobiuSolar Corporation, in association with REDCloud Partners (HK) Ltd. MobiuSolar now supplies a full suite of project development products and services, designed to facilitate the construction of Commerical and Utility scale PV projects in Europe, North America and in other global markets.

Over the past year, MobiuSolar has formed a number of important strategic alliances with well know players in the industry, and expects to have another very productive year.

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